Saturday, July 29, 2006

A sale!

My short story "Justice" has been bought by The Sword Review.

Ahh, yes. I'm an editor there, so I know what many folks might think. But we have an internal way of submitting stories anonymously so that our fellow editors can read and judge work without prejudice. *smile*

Anyway, I'm not sure just when "Justice" will be published. Probably September or later.

I'm also getting hyped already over issue #3 of Ray Gun Revival!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ray Gun Radio now broadcasting!

Episode 1 - Welcome to Ray Gun Radio:
I am spamming the galaxy on behalf of Taylor Kent, the Lord High Podmaster and founder / host of Ray Gun Radio:

This is the first episode of the new uber-cool space opera themed podcast. Enjoy. If you want to get it contact with Ray Gun Radio, you can do any or all of the following:

* You can visit the Ray Gun Revival site at,

* Send email to

* Leave me a voice mail at (206)339-6254 (thanks to K7.Net).

This podcast is released under a Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License

News links:
RGR's "Scenes From a Space Battle" Flash Fiction Competition -

Done the Impossible, a documentary about Firefly and Serenity Goes Gold

Virgin Galactic on track to begin space flights in 2008 -
Virgin Galactic

Links mentioned in the show:
Ray Gun Revival -
Spaceship Radio -
Escape Pod -
Space Patrol -
Jesus Geek Podcast -
Snark Infested Waters -

The current schedule is to publish the written version of Ray Gun Revival on the 1st and 15h of each month, and to release the Ray Gun Radio podcast on the 8th and the 22nd of each month. This gives us fresh, original content every week, so check back often!

Ray Gun Revival and Ray Gun Radio - classic space opera and golden age sci-fi with a modern twist.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Playing with Templates

As you can see, I'm trying to learn something new. I wanted the blog to more closely match my website.

I would love feedback...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Long, emotional day

I've had a rib popped out of place for awhile now (don't let anyone tell you that coughing can't do something like that!). It's unstable, so even if it pops back into place, one wrong move pops it out again, then it hurts like I've broken that rib. So today started with not being able to take deep breaths and barely able to move my left arm. Feh.

This morning I attended a funeral at our church. A 19 year old died -- muscular dystrophy. The church was packed. This boy was so wonderful, never without a smile, interested in others -- and he had the nickname "Hot Wheels" due to certain tendencies with his wheelchair.

By the time the funeral was over, I had to rush home and change to go man a booth at a county fair -- almost an hour drive one way. I stood on my feet for three hours and watched as kids pulled strings to win prizes. At least a prize was guaranteed -- some went away with a tiny stuffed animal, some with medium or large, but no child went away empty-handed. My type of game!

Sure, the reason I went was to help raise money for the girls on my daughter's gymnastics team, but I so enjoyed being around the kids. It raised my spirits.

But now I'm worn out, emotionally and physically, and still have to work on finishing my next Deuces Wild story. *sigh*
At least I got back a little feedback that the first story in that series was liked. That's made me feel better.
If you haven't read it yet, "Reluctant Allies, part one," the first story in the Deuces Wild series was in the first issue of Ray Gun Revival.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A different brag

...well, a little brag anyway.
The Sword Review is using one of my images as its cover this month.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ray Gun Revival gets top review! has posted a rave review of Ray Gun Revival on their front page!

Their review in part:
If you love bold, adventurous Sci-Fi, this e-zine is for you.

If you love Sci-Fi serials, this e-zine is for you....

I must say after reading through a couple of the stories that the creators of the magazine have succeeded beyond their goals. I would highly recommend to any Sci-Fi fan to download the magazine and prepare their imaginations to be transported to the far reaches great Science Fiction. I am reminded of those great days when Sci-Fi serials on the radio held every little boys attention with each and every exciting episode.

And don't forget, my friends, it's free!!

Story Sensei Summer Sale!

My friend Camy has a great deal going -- so I thought I'd pass the word on:

From Camy:
From now until July 15th, I will be holding a fabulous contest for my Story Sensei critique service.

I will draw the names of TWO lucky winners! They will each receive:

A free synopsis critique - up to 10 pages single-spaced, a $40 value!


A coupon for 25% OFF any manuscript critique - whether full or partial manuscript, any number of words. For a 100,000 word manuscript, that's a savings of $250!

In addition, EVERYONE WHO ENTERS will receive a 10% OFF coupon for any service, whether synopsis, query letter, or manuscript critique (full or partial). For a 100,000 word manuscript, that's a savings of $100, just for entering.

Go to my Story Sensei blog and post a comment to enter the contest!

Make sure you leave some way for me to contact you.

Hurry! Contest ends July 15th!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ray Gun Revival Launches!

The Mothership has landed!
Yes, finally, it has arrived. The first issue of Ray Gun Revival is available!
Read exciting stories from around the galaxy!
Heart-stopping escapades!
Zapping ray guns!
And yes, even space monkeys!

Tune in today -- but make sure your space suit has a full oxygen supply to handle the breathless adventure!