Sunday, June 08, 2008

My newest grandbaby

Isn't she beautiful?



Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Frustration in Research

This isn't a new problem - I've researched the circus for a long time. But now I'm down to the wire; the story is due.

I'm getting into an area I have no knowledge of, and only research to go on. I'm a townie, never been in a circus, and don't know of anyone who's got any experience in that unique world to correct me or tell me what's what.

Having had a daughter in gymnastics, and having been a coach, I do know a bit about acrobatics and equipment. But that's a far cry from understanding the details and specific terminology used. And that's only one tiny bit of the knowledge I need. I am trying to skirt specifics to avoid showing my ignorance of the circus subculture, but I'm sure it will be apparent to anyone who *isn't* a townie.

True, I can allow some leeway - my story is science fiction and takes place hundreds of years in the future. Ah well, I can only do my best...