Thursday, July 13, 2006

Long, emotional day

I've had a rib popped out of place for awhile now (don't let anyone tell you that coughing can't do something like that!). It's unstable, so even if it pops back into place, one wrong move pops it out again, then it hurts like I've broken that rib. So today started with not being able to take deep breaths and barely able to move my left arm. Feh.

This morning I attended a funeral at our church. A 19 year old died -- muscular dystrophy. The church was packed. This boy was so wonderful, never without a smile, interested in others -- and he had the nickname "Hot Wheels" due to certain tendencies with his wheelchair.

By the time the funeral was over, I had to rush home and change to go man a booth at a county fair -- almost an hour drive one way. I stood on my feet for three hours and watched as kids pulled strings to win prizes. At least a prize was guaranteed -- some went away with a tiny stuffed animal, some with medium or large, but no child went away empty-handed. My type of game!

Sure, the reason I went was to help raise money for the girls on my daughter's gymnastics team, but I so enjoyed being around the kids. It raised my spirits.

But now I'm worn out, emotionally and physically, and still have to work on finishing my next Deuces Wild story. *sigh*
At least I got back a little feedback that the first story in that series was liked. That's made me feel better.
If you haven't read it yet, "Reluctant Allies, part one," the first story in the Deuces Wild series was in the first issue of Ray Gun Revival.


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