Monday, May 15, 2006

G-d and Fiction

Most SF, shucks, most fiction, seems to want to excise G-d. But I know in real life, it's not that easy. He is in people's thoughts, like it or not, and to ignore that in our fiction is denying reality. Folks with no faith still wonder, 'Is He real?' People who claim to not believe or say they don't know what to believe still ask their believing friends to pray for them (I've had it happen many times). Foxhole conversions happen because G-d is Someone people think of and most believe in, even if just with the thought that there must be Someone or Something 'Out There.'

So my characters occasionally refer to Him, or might offer a prayer for help or in thanksgiving. Some of my characters don't believe in G-d per se, but yet do worship something as a god. As I said, it's part of who we humans are -- we have a sense of a Higher Being somewhere deep within, and I won't try to purge that from my characters or my stories.

Since I don't go the standard route in my fiction by denying G-d exists or at least, denying that man has an inner god-sense, I'm sure I will be the target of much flaming.

And on the other side, I've known those who feel that any fiction that's not expressly 'Christian' fiction, is Evil. And those who think that fiction should be thinly veiled (at most) Bible-thumping. And those who feel that fiction should be limited or dictated by Scripture (but then, how is that fiction?). So I know I'll get flamed by those people too.

Hmm, I think I should invest in an asbestos bodysuit -- with sequins perhaps, to give it some style?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

UruLive is Alive!!!

*weeps for joy*

Thursday, May 04, 2006

May the 4th... with you.


This site was shared on an email list, and I have to pass it on:
The Eggcorn Database.

Ever see someone misspell a word or phrase, or say it incorrectly, such as 'bare in mind'? This is the database for you then!

Anyone have any favorites? How about 'medium' for the highway divider instead of 'median'?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Month, New Beginnings

Lots of changes in our household in the last few weeks.

My daughter is at a new gym, which is costing us more in tuition and gas, cuz it's farther away, but she's getting awesome coaching and I'm seeing great advances.
I'm no longer coaching, so when I take her to her new gym, I sit for four hours. This is wonderful as I take my laptop and work.
Finances are tighter now, of course, but I know we'll be fine. We just can't do things like eat out once in a great while, and I'm having to pull the budget strings tighter in other ways.
But then, this is the woman who fed her family of five on $20 a week back in '85. So this isn't as great a challenge.

I am glad that I have been able to maintain some friendships from the old gym -- most of the people there are wonderful. Although keeping in touch with them with all of us having very different but busy schedules will be difficult. I hope we don't fall out of touch.

Ray Gun Revival is getting closer to it's debut, and we're getting submissions already as well as working on our short story serials. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed -- the other three authors are so much better than I am; I don't want to pull the quality of the serials down.
I can't wait for the unveiling of our website. Yes, I know, the website is already there, but it's sort of a placeholder. Our fourth Overlord is a web designer and graphics artist, and I've seen what he can do. The peeks at the site design have been mind-blowingly amazing!

I'm readying my 'first' (not my first one written, but the first of the series) novel to send off to a publisher, and I'm going to work on getting an agent. Just about futile, but I have to try. Of course that means things like writing a synopsis and chapter summaries, so whatever an agent asks for I have handy. Ick. At least it gives me experience.