Monday, May 15, 2006

G-d and Fiction

Most SF, shucks, most fiction, seems to want to excise G-d. But I know in real life, it's not that easy. He is in people's thoughts, like it or not, and to ignore that in our fiction is denying reality. Folks with no faith still wonder, 'Is He real?' People who claim to not believe or say they don't know what to believe still ask their believing friends to pray for them (I've had it happen many times). Foxhole conversions happen because G-d is Someone people think of and most believe in, even if just with the thought that there must be Someone or Something 'Out There.'

So my characters occasionally refer to Him, or might offer a prayer for help or in thanksgiving. Some of my characters don't believe in G-d per se, but yet do worship something as a god. As I said, it's part of who we humans are -- we have a sense of a Higher Being somewhere deep within, and I won't try to purge that from my characters or my stories.

Since I don't go the standard route in my fiction by denying G-d exists or at least, denying that man has an inner god-sense, I'm sure I will be the target of much flaming.

And on the other side, I've known those who feel that any fiction that's not expressly 'Christian' fiction, is Evil. And those who think that fiction should be thinly veiled (at most) Bible-thumping. And those who feel that fiction should be limited or dictated by Scripture (but then, how is that fiction?). So I know I'll get flamed by those people too.

Hmm, I think I should invest in an asbestos bodysuit -- with sequins perhaps, to give it some style?


At 22 May, 2006, Blogger BeckyJoie said...

A hearty ya! I agree with you. I'm tired of people being suspicious of fiction, especially Sci-fi as if it were some weird cultic thing. When there is an obvious occultic thread that is not teaching good things, that is one thing, but for instance, fictional characters such as dragons, snakes, aliens, etc. need to be viewed as fiction, for heaven's sake. There is not always some deep spiritual thread in everything, not always demons behind every doorpost, etc. On the other hand, it doesn't hurt to include some of the inner struggle of faith in characters to make your story relatable to readers.

My big question is: Why is sci-fi or fantasy considered wrong by many religious people? I don't get it. There is fiction as well as non-fiction in the Bible along with every other style of literature. God made us with creative minds, I think partly so we could enjoy our lives and get relief from stress. There, I preached my sermon for the day. Sorry my post is so long. I guess it is a sore spot, LOL.


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