Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Remodeling - part 3

We now have newly painted walls and ceiling (3 coats -- sheesh!) in just over half of our living room. We have the new wood floor installed in that half, and the base molding and crown molding stained and nailed in place. The furniture is in that section and even without the finishing touches, it already looks beautiful.

To set the mood for my new Myst-ic living room, we put on my Myst soundtrack while working. Oh yes!

The only thing that could make it better would be if I could have some artifacts from D'ni (anyone going down the cavern, can you snitch me a little souvenir? *grin* -- Hey Bill, if you're reading this, can you get me something? You gotta know where a few interesting leftovers might be stored since the DRC left the cavern... *bigger grin*).
Hm, perhaps "Home Sweet Home" in D'ni -- that would be lovely. If my husband had the letters, he could make a beautiful wooden carving with that in it (he does gorgeous work!). I'll ask on The Lyst, there are quite a few who know the language well. If the words exist to say that, I'm sure they could let me know.

I do dearly love my husband -- how many men would let their wives redo the living room in a particular style, especially when they themselves have no interest in the topic? And wear themselves out working to complete it?

Perhaps Myst fans won't think it looks like something from Myst (not just from one Age or even just the first game), but that's all right. I think it does.


At 10 January, 2006, Blogger BeckyJoie said...

Cool-can you post pics? Maybe you're starting a decor trend. My hubby loves Myst! He might want me to decorate his office that way, LOL.

At 11 January, 2006, Blogger L. S. King said...

When it's done, yes. We still have some work to do. Curtains to put up, etc. I'm glad we bought the best floor we could afford - I wouldn't want to do that again! It allegedly lasts 30 years, so our kids can worry about the next floor. LOL


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