Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Belated Happy New Year!

2005 wasn't bad -- I got a few short stories published and feel I made headway in my writing in general.

Both my sons moved out and started life on their own. One is now engaged. I became a grandma again. My younger daughter moved up to become a Level 5 USAG gymnast.

But on other fronts, 2005 could have been better. One of the best things I know I can do for myself on some of those other fronts is educate myself. I just received several books I ordered on scleroderma and fibromyalgia. Here's hoping I can help myself, since most of the doctors around here seem either unwilling or unable to.

So I'm hoping and praying that 2006 is great in all areas! *grin*


At 05 January, 2006, Anonymous Dar'nay said...

And those of us who care about you and yours add our own hopes and prayers that all that finds you, finds you well!

...and no, I don't know why I am talking about myself in the third person plural either ;).

At 06 January, 2006, Blogger L. S. King said...

Maybe there's more to you than you realize. ;)

At 06 January, 2006, Blogger BeckyJoie said...

Yes, you can help yourself. I have found that I've learned far more about my own illnesses and treatment on my own than through the medical community. I use both to the best of my ability.
(Dr.'s and self-help/ALTERNATIVE medicine)
Blessings on you as you search for answers.

At 06 January, 2006, Blogger L. S. King said...

Thanks, Beckyjoie!

The most difficult part of alternative medicine is dealing with the stodgy know-it-all doctors that think MD stands for Major Deity and won't consider there is any validity in anything other than what they were taught in med school. *sigh*


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