Thursday, November 03, 2005


See, this is what I knew would happen if I started a blog.
Real life would get in the way, I'd feel anything I post is in the 'who in the world even cares' category, and it would wither away and die.

Sooo, since most of the 'busyness' in my life is of the ordinary variety (being mommy/chauffeur for example), I thought I'd try a post about my writing (novel idea -- okay, bad pun, and yeah, it still falls into the category of who cares).

One of the fun things about writing is the characters. They become real to me. Some of them become very real.

Very real.

I had a psychologist suggest I was in serious need of help when I told her my characters talked to me.
I believed her.
I have come to learn that I'm not in need of any help mentally (at least not for that LOL), because I have talked to other fiction writers, and discovered this is considered 'normal.'

Now I understand that normal is relative, but at least I can say that I'm not alone. Or uh, perhaps we're not alone, since I have all these people living in my head with me.


At 07 November, 2005, Blogger Never Enuf Thyme said...

Who cares? Your friends care. :^) I like to check friends' blogs so I can keep tabs on what's up in their lives, no matter how mundane or boring or "who cares?" it may seem to the blogger. Since few of us seem to be able to be online at the same time (and for some like me, those online visits have to be in small chunks of time), a blog is a great way to post what's what in your life, and it allows people to peek in when time permits (like 1AM; I'm hardly likely to pick up the phone and call someone just to see how they're doing, but I can check a blog without waking anyone! lol). So please keep blogging. As for conversations with your characters, that sure sounds normal to me. Do you remember feeling hesitant about admitting such "silliness" to others when you first found other writers online? I know I remember how relived I was when I saw I was not alone! hugs! ~Su

At 11 November, 2005, Blogger L. S. King said...

Hugs backatcha, Samm!


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