Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mystery Solved -- I think

Ah ha! I think my mystery herb is hyssop.

And in other gardening news -- I have tiny grapes! I hope this year they don't wither away -- I haven't a clue why, although I've searched for an answer.

I can't believe I have yarrow that is as tall as the monarda! And I found a yarrow that survived in obscurity under the edge of some chives at the other side of the garden. A tiny cluster of red gave them away. Too dark and damp -- I transplanted that hardy baby in a nice, yarrow-friendly spot. That makes five yarrow plants in the garden!

The rose of sharon has grown taller than our eaves. And it's totally blocking my kitchen window. What was I thinking?

In the same garden I have lemon balm, chocolate mint, violets, plantain, pennyroyal, and burro's tale all competing for ground rights. Which will win, do you think?

Do you think my husband would kill me if I brought a few honeysuckle vines to the back garden and set them against the privacy fence?


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