Sunday, May 29, 2005


I sold a short story to Deep Magic this week. I was so excited about it but at the same time I felt weighed down.

I had found a major plot blunder in the first book of my SF series and had to cut the last 43,000 words or so and write them all over again. I salvaged some scenes but had to write some of it from scratch.
That project has loomed over me for a couple of weeks now, but tonight I finished it!

Now I can celebrate doubly -- having the short story published and getting the novel finished (again)!


At 29 May, 2005, Blogger Jacel said...

Hi there Loriendil,

I'm Jacel311 from Deep Magic! I like your website; very nice.

I am curious, how did your submission process go to DM? Do you mind sharing it with me, I am looking into submitting a short story as well (as soon as I finish writing it!)


At 29 May, 2005, Blogger L. S. King said...

Hi Jacel!

The submission process is very painless for DM. They spell out what they want clearly and make it easy.
The guidelines are here:

It doesn't take long to hear back from them, either -- less than a month.


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