Thursday, June 16, 2005

Morning Glory

Early morning, a cup of tea, and my garden. A great combo.

I'm not a morning person, but lately I've been going out to the garden early in the day, before the heat hits. Watching the plants grow (and weeds grow faster) is such a joy. Each day I see new buds appear, blossoms opening, fruit ripening.

Imagine picking and eating strawberries right in your yard for breakfast each morning, while listening to robins, mourning doves, mockingbirds, cardinals, and sparrows rejoicing in the new day. Sitting in a chair amid monarda, yarrow, pennyroyal, lemon thyme, lavender, pepper and tomato plants. The scent of chocolate mint, lemon balm, and honeysuckle wafting to you. A young mimosa tree waving nearby while hollyhocks shoot up past your privacy fence with newly-opened flowers.

I'm a night person and mornings usually come much too early in the day for me, but this time of year, I can't wait for the sunrise!

This is the day that the L-rd has made,
I will rejoice and be glad in it!


At 17 June, 2005, Blogger Carolyn said...

Oh, Lee, you sound so much like me!! I don't know if I'm getting old or what, but I don't seem to have the umph to do all the stuff I used to during the still of the night. I'm enjoying my mornings among my plants as well. My garden is in containers on my porch: petunias--large ones in red with stripes of white and small red "million bells"--lobelia, cinnamon red-hot carnations (they smell just like cinnamon red-hots!), oxalis, a huge "King" coleus, mint, thyme, parsley, cilantro, and chocolate morning glories. My stone leopard that my mother painted hides among it all. Add a nice little table for the tea cup and a little wicker chest filled with things to read or write with; if it just wouldn't get hot, I could spend all day out there. :)

Beautiful post!!!

At 17 June, 2005, Blogger L. S. King said...

Sounds beautiful, Carolyn!

At 11 July, 2005, Anonymous Keesa said...

Ooooh, Lorie, sounds beautiful! I love gardens. (I love mornings, too.) And most of the plants you have in your garden sound like plants that we have in at least one of our gardens! My poor little garden doesn't have anything in it, though, not since the rodents started killing everything.

At 11 July, 2005, Blogger L. S. King said...

Aw, bummer about your garden. Which rodents?


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