Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Consistency and Details

I am determined to do my best as a writer to be consistent, and to check details. Why you ask? Two reasons.

One. This goes back to an author who lost respect in my eyes because of a forward in one of her books where she wrote she wasn't worried about consistency or going back to check details in her former books. The gist was this: It's just a story. So what if it takes three days on horseback to go from city A to city B in book one, and half a day on foot to go from city A to city B in book two? Get over it. It's just a story.

Two. I'm a geek. I go for details in everything. How can I not in my stories? Will I be able to get every detail right? Unfortunately, being a mere human, I will not. But I will try. I can give my readers my guarantee on that.



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