Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is It Enough?

The constant gnawing fear of not letting my readers know what they need to know - it haunts me.

Every time I start another story in an already created universe, such as Deuces Wild, or the Enaisi universe, I wonder if I'm giving basic information needed to know What's Going On.

I don't want to infodump, or bore my readers, but do I give them enough for a foundation?

I went through that when I did the stand-alone story Deuces Wild story "The Grift" for Digital Dragon Magazine last spring. Also for a short story in the Enaisi universe entitled "Petition" which will appear in Residential Aliens in a few months.

And this is one case where critique partners may not be helpful because they are familiar with one's worlds. Ah me, no, not making this a pity party this time. Just scratching my head, lost...

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At 18 August, 2010, Blogger Angie said...

Yeah, it's a hard balance, and hard when a crit group can't really help. Your good, though. Trust your instincts!


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