Saturday, August 14, 2010

Research ups and downs

Doing research for novels can be so enjoyable; I do love learning new things, even if I can only comprehend the basics.

But it's also frustrating at times, because it seems the more I learn, the more complicated a situation becomes. It's difficult at times to not feel overwhelmed at some of the problems I create for myself with the stories I am trying to write. Oh well, the alternative would be to quit, and I couldn't if I wanted to; my characters won't let me.

I'm sure other writers have similar frustrations, which is a consolation, not to mention one definite upside of all of this is that I get to continue to cause great vexation for My Physicistâ„¢. Yes, definitely a plus!



At 14 August, 2010, Blogger Jonathan said...

I think I should be thanking you for the compliment... but so far I am struggling to find it.


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