Wednesday, May 02, 2007

RGR Issue 21

Ray Gun Revival Issue #21 has landed!

Murder Beneath by Alice M. Roelke
People say the Delans can tell you your future, and never get it wrong. But does that mean you should trust them?

Beyond the Flesh by A.M. Stickel
The Plague Wars begin with an unjustly executed convict. His scientist sister tries to solve the puzzle of his death and thwart the plague, but she must pay the ultimate price.

The Case of the Spurious Spacemen by MN Schnecke
Cows from space are kidnapping most of the gangsters in the city—and all of the victims are insured against alien abduction! But when the crime fighter Red Eye learns that his archenemies, the Nose and the Leer have escaped from prison, things take on an even more sinister turn.
Deuces Wild: "In the Lap of the Gods, part five" by L. S. King
Serial Fiction
When we last left our heroes, Tristan was trapped in the self-destructing palace of the dead Eridani emperor. Slap was in the temple and the late emperor’s cousin had pulled a needlegun on him. Things go downhill from there...


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