Tuesday, March 20, 2007

RGR Issue 18

Ray Gun Revival Issue #18 has broken orbit!

Eye of Nukuloo by S. T. Forstner
When night falls and hunter becomes prey, who will come to the rescue?

Saving Beta by Robert Mancebo
The Star-transport's security officer is faced with lying allies, friendly primitives, mass murder, impending planetary destruction, and a very pretty girl.

The Adventures of the Sky Pirate: "Finding Chain" by Johne Cook
Serial Fiction
Flynn turns life at the Haddirron Naval Academy upside down, but is this fast talking, fast thinking privateer-in-training able to avoid the spectre of the Black Blot?

Memory Wipe, Chapter Nine: "Orbit Over Nothing" by Sean T.M. Stiennon
Serial Fiction
Powerful enemies are in pursuit of Takeda and Zartsi: the alien assassin Lashiir, aboard his deadly ship Despair, and Vass, still seeking vengeance at any price.


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