Monday, April 16, 2007

RGR Issue 20

Ray Gun Revival Issue #20 is ready to blast off!

Final Exam by Edward McKeown
New Mexico desert, 1950s: boy meets monster in a battle to save earth.

Jasper Squad: Choices by Paul Christian Glenn
Serial Fiction
The crew of the Jasper are on the run from their own government, and they don’t know why. But can these people really trust each other with their lives?

The Adventures of the Sky Pirate: "Cliffhanger" by Johne Cook
Serial Fiction
This episode starts and ends with a cliff, has espionage, counter-espionage, a love triangle, and the birth of an entirely new scientific principle.

Memory Wipe, Chapter Ten: "Descent" by Sean T.M. Stiennon
Serial Fiction
Takeda and his companions arrive in orbit around Nihil only to find that someone else is there ahead of them—the alien assassin Lashiir, out for their blood.


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