Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ray Gun Revival #17

Ray Gun Revival Issue #17 is fully live.

50 pages

Flinteye and the Crystal Spear by Sean T. M. Stiennon
Jalazar Flinteye and his ‘bot partner, Axten, are hired to protect an ancient spear that serves as both a source of power and a bone of contention among feuding warlords.

The View Through the Shotglass Floor by Michael Ehart
Everyone has at one time or another wanted a “do over”. But what if your second chance makes things worse than they were already? Would you have enough sense to leave bad enough alone?

Carbonville, Part Two by John M. Whalen
Jack Brand struggles to survive among his allies, much less his enemies, in Carbonville.

Deuces Wild, "In the Lap of the Gods," Part Three by L. S. King
Serial Fiction
When the roof collapses, who will survive?

Jasper Squad, Episode Five, "The Wrong Side of the Law" by Paul Christian Glenn
Serial Fiction
Lieutenant Melendez fights for her life in the present but can't escape her past.


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